Promoting Safer Cities Through Advocacy

We promote safer cities through advocacy by engaging matatu investors to improve public transport conditions, fostering a supportive business environment and enhancing road safety for commuters.

We are dedicated to advance the interests of Matatu Owners through strategic lobbying and impactful advocacy efforts. By tirelessly championing their needs and concerns, we aim to foster a conducive environment that empowers their success and contributes to the growth of the sector.
We envision being the most preferred association for all matatu owners in Kenya by introducing relevant changes in the sector.
MOA is mandated to advocate for a favorable business environment for its members, and also to ensure public safety in matatus. We collaborate with both corporate and public entities to ensure that commuters receive high-quality services.
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Our Strategic Focus Areas

For two decades, we have stood as the voice of Matatu owners in Kenya, advocating a nurturing corporate environment in public road transport.

Capacity Building and Training

As part of our strategic focus, we embrace customer experience as a significant part of professionalism in our industry.

Behavior Change Communication

We promote safety by advocating for behavior change among matatu owners, operators, and crews to enhance the industry’s reputation.

Road Safety Awareness

We’re dedicated to road safety, partnering with like-minded organizations to raise awareness among the public commuters and matatu operators.

Vehicle Maintenance Clinic

We partner with relevant companies to offer affordable services including, routine inspections, repairs, speed governor installation, tire and brake care.

Civic Education

MOA collaborates with government agencies to educate stakeholders on civic matters like constitutional rights, governance, and public participation.

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