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About MOA

The MOA is an umbrella body that represents the interests of matatu owners and operators in Kenya. Matatus are a common mode of public transport in Kenya, serving millions of passengers every day.

The vision of the MOA is to advocate for a corporate environment that encourages investors in road public transport.

The main objectives of the MOA are to:
• Lobby for a more supportive climate in public transport

• Provide training and capacity building for matatu owners and operators

• Promote best practices and standards in the matatu industry

• Enhance the safety and quality of matatu services

• Protect and promote the rights and welfare of matatu owners, operators, and crew

The MOA was founded in 2003 by a group of matatu investors who faced an unfavorable business environment in the sector. They decided to form an association to voice their concerns and needs to the relevant authorities and stakeholders.

Industry investors and public transport commuters benefit from MOA’s initiatives for improved conditions and services.

The Secretariat manages daily operations, engaging members, ensuring effective advocacy, and seamless activities.

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